Who is EmpireDnB.com?
My name is Kurt, and I created EmpireDnB.com. My dj name is kdh, and I've been playing DnB for around 13 years at this point. I'm also an IT guy. As you can tell from things around here, website design is not my strong point. I'm more of a server guy. In fact, the website itself was written in VI.

What is EmpireDnB.com?

It is focused on Drum and Bass here with the ability to do broadcasting of prerecorded and live audio and video broadcasts streams. Using some open source tools, and some Perl, I was able to cobble together an Audio, Video streaming service.

EmpireDnB.com has the ability to do live audio and video broadcasting?

Can I use it?

Why Not?
There is a lot of server work that is left to be done. In the mean time I use it when I want to randomly dj.

When will it be ready?
I haven't worked on the backend code in about a year. I have a lot of changes I need to make, I just haven't gotten to it yet. The main changes I need to make will give folks access to do live shows.

In the mean time, can I add my mix to your playlist?
Yes, but only if its drum and bass. Send me a note on facebook with a link to download it and I'll add it to the server.

Where does EmpireDnB.com get its content?
There are a few ways. Mixes are submitted to us, mixes downloaded from the internet, and live shows that have been recorded to the server are all added to the playlist.

My mix was added to the playlist, but I don't want it played on this site, can you remove it?
Yes, I will. Please send me a message via facebook and I'll take it down within a few days.

What features does EmpireDnB.com have?
Not many at the moment. Right now, just streaming music via shoutcast audio, Flash Video on a PC, Iphone and Andriod video streaming. The site can somewhat do live video streaming. I can also host your mix if you like. I had a forum, but I gave up maintaining it. I have plans of adding a chat box in the future.

Do you sell EmpireDnB.com shirts and stickers?
Yes. You can buy a shirt and 5 stickers for 15$ and the cost of shipping. I only have Large and X-Large shirts. Message me on Facebook for more details